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2015 speaker line-up included:

CEF Website IanGlenn

Ian Glenn

CEO, ING Robotic Aviation

ING Robotic Aviation addresses the aerial needs of multiple sectors with world-leading Drones as a Service (DaaS) solutions that are effective, affordable and safe.

CEF Website TimLeshchyshen

Tim Leshchyshyn

President, Fracturing Horizontal Well Completions Inc.Tim has released the largest online frac and completions database for Canada and the United States.  
CEF Website AllanChegus

Allan Chegus

CEO and Co-Founder, Stream Systems

Allan has extensive experience in Complex Business Simulations and Advanced Optimization for multi-million dollar energy-related business infrastructure projects including pipelines, terminals and related facilities.

CEF JamesFreeman

James Freeman

Chief Technology Officer, Zedi Inc.
Zedi’s integrated suite of solutions empowers oil & gas producers in western Canada and 25 other countries to improve production operations.

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Welcome to The Oilfield of the Future

We are in the midst of profound structural changes in the oil & gas sector. Many factors are causing uncertainty in oil prices, which is expected to remain for at least the short to mid term. The Canadian energy industry is significantly impacted by this reality and we must take decisive action to become more efficient and more competitive on a global scale. The time for technology innovation is now.

As enabling technologies become more tested and adaptable to field operations, significant new opportunities have emerged in the areas of integrating people, processes and technology.

Taking place on October 27, 2015, in Calgary, Alberta, the Canadian Energy Technology Forum (CETF) is a unique industry event that explores the technological and operational foundation of the digital oilfield of the future. Learn from innovative leaders who have increased revenue, improved operating margins and enhanced asset efficiencies by leveraging the right technology in the right places to capture new shareholder value.

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automated system data life cycle

The concept of the 'digital oilfield' has existed for many years. This concept has matured over the last few years from simple data collection initiatives to include real-time analysis, cloud computing and automated workflows.

JWN's digital oilfield model shows the variety of technologies that enable successful implementation. We aim to bring together players that exist across this technology spectrum with the intent of fostering innovation in the Albertan Energy Sector.




Who should attend the Canadian Energy Technology Forum (CETF)?

Midstream Oil & Gas Professionals

Data analytics in the midstream is helping optimize pipeline network operations by enhancing decision-making through scenario analysis and data discovery.

Learn how improved demand/supply forecasting, better transport fuel cost management, smarter pressure monitoring and safer operating practices can achieve greater operating margins with increased visibility into operations.

Midstream professionals involved in these initiatives include:

  • Operations Managers and Executives guiding strategy
  • Business Analytics & I.T. Managers/Leads
  • Marketing and Trading teams

Upstream Oil & Gas Professionals

Predictive/prescriptive techniques in better understanding asset health have successfully driven down costs in other sectors and can also be applied to the midstream and upstream. Asset health measures can be used to determine the real-time health of assets and improve performance for maintenance and operations departments through the better understanding of patterns of failure and improved planning.

Upstream players involved in these initiatives include:

  • Operations Managers and Executives guiding strategy
  • Reservoir Characterization and Drilling Professionals
  • Reservoir Engineers planning field development
  • I.T. & Business Analytics Managers/Leads

Innovators & Technology Providers

Partners and Managers of firms with innovative solutions that have made a difference in the energy sector, including areas such as:

  • Digital technology innovation that has improved efficiencies and increased profitability
  • Implementing leading industry practices across the enterprise
  • Review the conference topics and program on this site to learn more about the types of technologies we'll be exploring.

Our forum includes impactful cases that have successfully driven enterprise value in the past:

how can value be captured




side background

  • Digital Disruption: The digital oilfield offers remedy for slumping oil and gas prices

    A survey of Canadian oil and gas industry professionals conducted by JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group, GE and Accenture found that while barriers remain, overall they see an assortment of digital oilfield technologies as offering a greater return on investment than investment in other areas.

    It has been talked about for years, and tentatively adopted by some companies for a select number of projects, but the digital oilfield has remained largely untapped.


  • Digital Dilemma

    Overcoming the perceived high cost barrier for cost-saving technology

    Daily News.  New Technology Magazine.  

    At a time when the plunging price of oil, combined with the long-term weakness in the price of natural gas, has shifted the focus of energy companies from maximizing production to cutting costs, the efficiency gains that can be attained through adoption of digital oilfield technologies might seem to be a no-brainer.


  • Fleet Management

    Digital Oilfield Technology That Is Ready For Prime Time

    Daily News.  New Technology Magazine.  

    When oil and gas executives and technology experts ask what is holding back the digital oilfield, there is one technology they need not deliberate over any further: fleet management.


  • Data analytics is the new frontier in cost reduction

    Dale Lunan. Oilweek

    In the oil and gas business, data is measured in terabytes and petabytes. To understand how much data that is, here is a comparison: a gigabyte is seven minutes of high definition video; a petabyte is 13.3 years of the same video feed.


  • I Spy

    High-tech surveillance keeps tabs on storage levels, provides market transparency

    Jim Bentein.  New Technology Magazine

    Until Louisville, Ky.­–based Genscape developed a suite of sophisticated monitoring technologies, there was no reliable way to measure how much crude oil and refined crude was piling up in storage tanks throughout North America—and it is piling up. 


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